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Billy's Blue Duck BBQ

Liberal, KS 



We all know that 2021 is not starting out any differently than 2020 ended. In fact, due to wacky weather, it is just as crazy. Valentine's Day came and went and was hardly noticed by many in the midwest. However, John did treat me to dinner at one of our local BBQ places on the 12th before he had to leave town. 

     He had heard on the radio that Billy's was serving steak & lobster (or crablegs) so we thought we would give it a try. When we sat down at our table the special board had all the Valentine's Day Special specifics listed, including the $37.95 per person price. My thought, when I read the price out loud to John was, "Ouch!" I asked, "I know I'm worth the price at Red Lobster, but am I worth it at Billy's?" He laughed and said, "It depends on the day."  

      Billy's food is always consistant and very palitable! With that said, Lobster and crablegs are sometimes tricky to prepare and at the price, I was hoping for "delicious!" 

     We placed our order, which included two steaks medium well, red potatoes, apseragus for me and mac and cheese for him, and two extra clusters of crablegs, and then we waited. Our server was helpful, and had picked up on my desire for a baked potato. She came back to our table within a few minutes and said, "We do have baked potatoes would you like to change your order?" We both said yes-- butter only for John and fully loaded for me.

      Our conversation was light and a bit playful and even though they were busy, our wait was not any longer than normal. (Those of you familiar with Billy's know that the wait there is not an issue.) 

     The steaks were perfectly cooked, the lobster shell was a little chared, but John said it was very good. The crablegs were well worth the per person price-- nicely cooked and the season on the outer shell was better than any I had had elsewhere! The baked potatoes were actually steamed inside the foil, (a common misconception that many have concerning "baked" potatoes), but were cooked until tender. John's request for "more" butter, both kinds, was met by plenty. Our beverage glasses never went dry. We were cared for with kindness and Kerri Hill always goes above and beyond her call of duty to make sure Billy's partrons are treated well...that evening was no different. 

      The only thing that would have made the meal better would have been an included side salad, a baked potato with a crisp and slightly salted skin and some type of bread or biscuit. John and I are old school, we enjoy bread with our main meal. (John was gracious toward the establishment when I mentioned wanting bread.) 

      All-in-all, I give the Valentine's Day Special, Kerri, our server and Billy's a high-five. 

      So, if you are passing through Liberal and are looking for a local place to enjoy a yummy meal with good service, Billy's should be your stop! And, if your lucky, they might just be serving steak & lobster.


Woman Beautiful's Sup With You Dining Critic

February 16, 2021     





Into the Glass, Wine Bar and Texas Café



During a recent trip to Grapevine Texas, I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at Into the Glass, a quaint little wine bar and café located in Historic Downtown Grapevine. Owner and chef, *Wayne Turner, made my dining experience more than pleasurable. His humor combined with food expertise, made for light laughter and a delightfully palatable lunchtime meal.

     Lunch started with a referral from the women at Holy Grounds, a fabulous Christian gift shop located just a few doors from Into The Glass. I entered the café at approximately 12:30 p.m. and although it was the lunch hour there were but a few customers already seated. I noticed that each table was set with casually wrapped utensils and menus waiting to be read. I picked out a table, opened the menu and waited. After about 5 minutes I decided I would ask where to find the restroom. The man at the bar said, “Can I help you?” I replied, “Yes, I’m going to have lunch.” To which he said, “Good, sit anywhere you would like.” I then replied, “I’ve picked out a table up front. Do you have a restroom?”

     Upon returning to my table, I found a tall glass of ice water which graced a half slice of luscious orange. Wayne immediately came to my table, gave me the overview of the day’s specials and made sure that I knew what to expect with the choices I inquired about.

    I started with a cup of Cauliflower Soup that included Wayne’s signature croutons; 5. I was expecting a thick and chunky soup, but to my surprise it was thin and smooth with a light cauliflower flavor. Very enjoyable! My sandwich selection was one of the day’s specials: New York Strip Steak Sandwich with grilled onions and provolone cheese; 17. The steak was cooked perfectly and amazingly tender. Nestled inside grilled Panini bread, it was finger licking good! My side of choice was the grilled asparagus. Although the buds were slightly over cooked, the overall palatability was good! I finished with the White Chocolate Bread Pudding; 7. It was good, but I’ve had better. Next time I would go with Wayne’s personal favorite, the Sweet Potato Pie Cake.

    The cost of my meal was right at $30 plus the tip. For this Southwest Kansas girl, it was pretty pricey for lunch, yet I highly recommend it; especially if you are visiting Grapevine and want a truly enjoyable dining experience. 

     Even though I sat unnoticed for 5 minutes and my asparagus buds were slightly overcooked, Wayne’s original recipes and off the cuff sense of humor made up for a slight inconvenience. I give Into the Glass 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Woman Beautiful’s Sup with You Dining Critic


“Life is too short to eat boring food!”

Wayne Turner, Owner/Chef

Into the Glass, Wine Bar & Texas Café  


*Please note that "Into the Glass" is no longer owned by Wayne Turner and at this point in time, WB is not sure what kind of dining experience you will have at this establishment. (Updated August 03, 2017)              

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